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My map, titled Surficial Geology of Mount Desert Island, Maine, depicts the surficial geology recorded on Mount Desert Island, as well as measurements of the geologic attitude of various features, and the locations of dikes, faults, and linear glacial features. Different lithologies are distinguished by various hues and saturations, with a solid line marking known or certain contacts and a dotted line marking approximate contacts. Geologic attitude variables that are represented include the strike and dip of beds, strike of vertical beds, strike and dip of foliation, strike of vertical foliation, strike and dip of flow layering, strike of vertical flow layering, trend of glacial striations, and strike and dip of inclusions.

About the Author

The author is a student at Colby College, and produced this project as part of the Environmental Studies Department's Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing class for the spring of 2017.

Source Data Note

The data used to create this map was gathered from the data store of the Integrated Resource Management Applications through the National Parks Service. To distinguish between different lithologies, I manually selected each lithology and converted it to an individual shapefile. Abbreviated labels for the lithologies were converted to annotations, and manually manipulated and organized to make the map less cluttered. The different symbols for the geologic attitude variables were selected from the symbology window by manipulating unique values under the categories tab, and manually selecting the appropriate character marker symbol from the ESRI Geology font. To minimize distortion, a projected coordinate system, specifically NAD 1983 UTM Zone 19N, is utilized for this map.


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