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This map shows the relationship between human impacts on waterbodies and salmon habitat locations in Maine. I used both a general assessment - the Stream Habitat Condition Index (HCI) conducted under the 2010 National Fish Habitat Action Plan - and dam locations to reflect human influences. The primary data sources are USGS GIS Data and Maine Office of GIS Data. The map is projected in the NAD 1983 UTM Zone19N coordinate system.

About the Author

Yue Yu (Anna) '19 is a student at Colby College majoring in Environmental Studies Interdisciplinary Computation and Science, Technology, and Society. She was born and raised and Beijing, China. She is also involved in Enviro-Co, Eco-Reps, and Colby Volunteer Center.

Source Data Note

The hydrology, dams, and Atlantic Salmon habitats data were obtained from Maine Office of GIS. The Stream Habitat Condition Index (HCI) was conducted under the 2010 National Fish Habitat Action Plan and obtained from USGS GIS Data.


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