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Created by Laurel Whitney, Colby College '16

This map demonstrates commute times for Maine residents. The State is broken into census block groups and each has a corresponding percent of workers who are 16 years or older and who do not work at home that have a commute longer than 45 minutes to their place of work. Major roads in Maine are overlaid to provide a sense of where these commutes may be happening and how isolated each census block is.

Source Data Note

County boundary data from the Maine Office of GIS. Cities, Coastline, and Major Road data compiled from ESRI, Inc. Census block groups from the U.S. Census Bureau’s TIGER/Line Shapefiles. Percent of workers 16 years and over who do not work at home and who travel greater than 45 minutes to work adapted from Travel time to work for 16 years and over (who did not work at home) from the U.S. Census Bureau ACS 2013 (5-year Estimates).

NAD(1983) UTM Zone 19N Projected Coordinate System


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