Daniel Homeier

Abstract or Description

This map illustrates the effect of impoundments on surface water elevation. The translucent coloring of each lake represents the surface water elevation (white representing 254m, brown representing 248m, etc.). The surface water elevation of each lake becomes progressively lower (the highest being East Pond and the lowest being Messalonskee Lake) because of 5 dams regulating water flow among the lakes. Lakes depth is depicted using bathymetry data in which darker colors represent deeper water. The elevation of the land surrounding the Belgrade lakes is depicted by a hillshade layer in order to portray topography.

About the Author

Daniel is an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in policy. He is interested in sustainable development and resource use.

Source Data Note

Data for this map was gathered from the Maine office of GIS and the Colby Environmental Assessment Team (CEAT).


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