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This map shows the ranges of the three endangered terrestrial turtles in Maine: the Blanding's, Box, and the Eastern Painted Turtle. These turtles are on the endangered species list for Maine and the U.S. All suffer from territorial fragmentation which is separating turtle populations, making it hard to keep population growth sustainable. Most live in acidic wetlands or ponds in the southern part of Maine, which is the northernmost part of their range in the U.S.

Source Data Note

The endangered turtle species list came from Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (www.maine.gov/ifw). The information on turtle ranges was found from the PEARL database (www.pearl.maine.edu). The ranges of turtles that PEARL showed were based off of townships. Their data came from viewings by Maine citizens dating from 1976 to the present. The layers of the townships and of the rivers and streams in Maine were found off of the Maine Office of GIS website (www.megis.maine.gov). This map is projected using the North American Datum 1983, Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 19N coordinate system.


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