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Commencement: Room for Tradition and Dissent
Emphasis was on tradition during commencement weekend even as the senior class reflected the turmoil of the past year. Speakers — including the president, his predecessor J. Seelye Bixler, and U.S. Senator George S. McGovern — stressed what is best in academic and political tradition. Seniors elected a class speaker to reflect their concerns and sponsored a supplementary program devoted to world and national problems. Half the class chose not to wear caps and gowns, donating rental fees to Indochina war relief.

Baccalaureate: Summing Up a "Different" Year
President Strider assesses the good and bad aspects of the past academic year. He draws on the works of Sir Francis Bacon, theologian Martin Buber and scientist-philosopher René Dubos, illustrating a major source of campus difficul­ty: “… we have thought of each other as categories… rather than living, breathing, fragile, perishable, human beings."

Alumni Weekend: Nostalgia Plus Concern for Today's Prob­lems
Nothing was omitted — awards of bricks and gavels, elections, reunion dinners, the lobster and clam bake, and the commemoration of the Boardman Service. But alumni of various generations also had time for discussions during a seminar based on points raised by Robert Nisbet in his book Social Change and History.

The President's Page:
What kind of college should Colby be? … The president, in remarks to the alumni banquet, poses the question along with all the specific de­cision-making problems it entails, and asks alumni "to help us as we grope out the answers…"



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