Colby College

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Shall Colby Move?
The Outworn Shell
Names for New Buildings
The Gannet Offer
The Year Ahead
Maine Schools
Gifts and Giver
The Christmas Club
Another Gift
What is the College?


Augusta's Offer to Colby, By Charles S. Hichborn

Opening of Maine Schools:
At Coburn, By Guy Raymond Whitten '19
At Kents Hill, By Edward W. Hincks, A.M.
At Hebron, By Ralph L. Hunt A.M.
At Oak Grove, By Eva Pratt Owen '14
At Lee Academy, By A. Moulton Pottle, A.B. '22
At Ricker, By Roy Mitchell Hayes, A.B. '18

The First Assembly Address, By Franklin Winslow Johnson, L.H.D. '91
Letters from George Dana Boardman '22, By Joseph Bullen Alexander, A.B. '94
Kind Words for the Alumnus, By the Editor
Some Reminiscences, By George Edgar Googins, A.B. '86
Graduate Loyalty, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02
Colby Man Heads Maryland Prisons, By James M. Hepman in Baltimore Sun
On "Waterville College", Reprint from Maine Farmer
Why Move Colby? By Frederick Albert Pottle Ph.D. '17
In Memoriam, By the Editor
The Roberts Letters, (Continued), By the Editor
Some Observations, From President Johnson's Annual Report
The Voice of the Graduates, By James Frederick Hill, A.M. '82
Waterville Benefactors Have Legal Claims Upon Colby, By Harvey Doane Eaton, A.B. '87
From the Deans Offices, By Ernest Cummings Marriner, A.B. '13, and Ninetta May Runnals, Litt.D. '08
The "Friends of Colby Club", By Harry Sanford Brown, A.B. '99
Waterville and Colby, By Percy Shepherd Merrill A.B. '94
Professor Taylor's Gift, By H. Chesterfield Marden , A.B. '20
The Opening of the College, By Joseph Coburn Smith , A.B. '24
Timothy Boutelle's First Treasurer's Report, (Contributed)
Among the Graduates, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02



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