Colby College

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The Commencement
Trustee Action
Eighty-Odd's Observations
The Unruly Member
Tributes of Affection
Loss to the Press
The College as the Unit
College Chapels
Our Dean of Women
Faculty Salaries
The Alumni Secretary
Alumnae in Line


Treasure-Seekers, By Russell Henry Salford, D.D., LL.D.
The Commencement of 1931, By Eighty-Odd
"Last Chapel" Address, By William John Wilkinson, LL.D.
Letters of Judge Cornish, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02
Commencement Address, By Shailer Mathews, D.D. '84
Annual Meeting Board of Trustees, By Edwin Carey Whittemore, D.D. '79
Tribute to Professor Taylor, By William Campbell Crawford, L.H.D. '82
List of Returning Graduates, By the Editor
An Appreciation of Professor Taylor, By the Editor
Citations for Honorary Degrees, By the Editor
Plans for Colby's New Buildings, By the Director of Colby Publicity
From the President of the United States co the President of Colby, By Herbert Hoover, LL.D.
From the Alumni Secretary, By G. Cecil Goddard, A.B. '29
Colby Graduates of a Century Ago, By Joseph Coburn Smith, A.M. '24
Italian Ambassador's Message, By Nobile Martino
Annual Meeting Alumni Association, By Ernest Cummings Marriner, A.B. '13
Annual Meeting Alumnae Association, By Harriet Eaton Rogers, A.B. '18
Commencement Undergraduate Addresses, By George Freemont Sprague '31, Barbara Caroline Hamlin '31
Colby's Newest Club, By the Editor
Address of Chairman Citizens' Committee, By James Frederick Hill, A.M. '82
New Secretaries of Graduate Associations, By the Editor
Commencement Addresses, By Franklin Winslow Johnson, L.H.D. '91, President
Meeting New York Alumni Association, By Everett Haywood Gross, A.B. '21
Colby's New Site, Editorial in Waterville Sentinel
The Campaign is On, By the Editor
Graduate Touches on a Moot Problem, By Leland David Heminway, A.M. '17
In Memoriam: By the Editor
Immortalizing Dr. Taylor, By Director Colby Publicity
Honorary Degree for Doctor Taylor, By the Editor
New Colby is Needed, Portland Express

Class Reunions
1881, By Sophia Hanson Mace, A.M. '81
1891, By William Abbott Smith, A.B. '91
1901, By Charles F. T. Seaverns, A.B. '01
1906, By Karl Raymond Kennison, A.B. '01
1911, By Harry Waldo Kidder, A.B. '11
1916, By Cyril Mathews Joly, A.B. '16
1921, By Raymond Spinney, A.B. '21
1926, By Paul M. Edmunds, A.B. '26

Among the Graduates, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02
Candidates for Alumnae Trustees



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