Colby College

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Moving the College
Waterville and Colby
Our Tribute
An Alternative
Some Questions
The Roberts Letters
Remarkable Tributes
The Year Behind


Back Home Again, By Eighty-Odd
Herbert Mayhew Lord '84, By Ernest George Walker '90
Libraries and Scholars, By C. F. Tucker-Brooke, Ph.D.
A Letter from Japan, By Marlin D. Farnum, A.B. '23
Dr. Johnson at Teachers' College, By Ira E. Creelman, A.M. '19
"All Done By Begging," Contributed
Connecticut Valley Colby Club, Contributed
Annual Meeting Board of Trustees, By Edwin Carey Whittemore, D.D. '79
Life Itself as Religion and Education, By Woodman Bradbury, D.D. '87
Baccalaureate Address, By Charles Williams Gilkey, D.D.
Commencement Address, By Arthur Eugene Bestor, LL.D.
Address of Class Guest of Honor, By Hugh Dean McLellan, A.B. '95
Physical Education in the College, By Jesse F. Williams, Ph.D.
The Alumni Luncheon, By Ernest Cummings Marriner, A.B. '13
Annual Report of Colby Alumnae Association, By Harriet Eaton Rogers '19
List of Returning Graduates, By the Editor
A Changing Attitude Toward War, By Norman Dunbar Palmer, A.B. '30
A Challenge to Thinking, By Margaret Pauline Hale, A.B. '30
A Tribute to t he "Lord of Language," By Philip Stewart Bither, A.B. '30
Response for the Fifty-Year Class, By Harry Lyman Koopman, Litt.D. '80
Memorial to Asher Crosby Hinds '83, By the Editor
"Why Not Portland?'', Portland Evening News
Concerning "Ben" Butler '38, Contributed
In Memoriam, By the Editor
Why Colby Should Remain in Waterville, By a Waterville Alumnus
On Memories, Arthur G. Staples in Lewiston Journal
Offer of Ganeston Park to Colby, Contributed
The Roberts Letters, By the Editor
Comments on Moving the College, By the Editor
The Fiftieth Reunion, By Arthur Milton Thomas , A.M. '80
The Twenty-Fifth Reunion, By Malcolm Bemis Mower, A.B. '05
Address at Commencement Dinner, By Harrington Putnam, LL.D. '70
Waterville's Appeal for the Retention of Colby, By Citizens', Committee
Among the Graduates, By Herbert Carlyle Libby, Litt.D. '02
Where Waterville Stands, Contributed
Address at the Alumni Lunch, By F. Harold Dubord '14, Mayor
Reunion of 1925, By Russell M. Squire, B.S. '25



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