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This special edition of the Alumnus is an attempt lo communicate, to a wider audience, a picture of the college today. It is hoped that, through Perspective, parents and other friends can share with alumni and alumnae a knowledge of Colby's significant and spirited process of education.

What Do We Mean By Excellence?
President Robert E. L. Strider

A little over two years ago, Colby Joined Bates and Bowdoin in establishing Maine's first educational television station. WCBB-TV was a unique venture, for it marked the first instance of three independent colleges cooperating to sponsor such a facility.

The Legacy of Freedom
C. Eric Lincoln, Professor of Social Philosophy, Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Lincoln delivered this address, slightly abridged here, at Colby in January, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. He is the author of the book
"The Black Muslims in America."

A safe attitude or a true adventure.

Perspective on the College

Colby History & Dean Marriner
A review, by Thomas Savage, of the
"History of Colby College" by Dean Ernest C. Marriner; published, 1963, by the Colby College Press.

It has been a long, cold winter on Mayflower Hill… and sports enthusiasts will be the first to agree. Mule fans, spoiled by a record-shattering hockey team and a championship basketball team last winter, have seen fewer wins and thrills this year.
However, in every long, cold winter, there are the sunny days between blizzards and Colby followers have had a fair shake of proud moments.



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