Colby College

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Colby's Presidents
Memoirs of Professor Taylor
The Year Now Opening
The Scholarship Fund
Supporting the Magazine
The Alumni Association
On the Right Road
New Illustrated Booklet of Colby
Sons of Colby Club
Commencement Expenses
Colby's Fitting Schools
History of the College
The Next Number of the Alumnus


The New College Year, By Nathaniel E. Wheeler, Sc.M. '09
The Scholarship Fund Givers, By President Arthur J. Roberts, LL.D. '90
Plans for the 1926 Commencement, By the Commencement Committee
Where Brotherhood Prevails, By Grace Ruth Foster, B.A. '21
Compliments for the Alumnus, By the Editor
Some Regrets Anent Commencement Attendance, By the Editor
With the College Faculty, By Herbert L. Newman, B.D. '18
Among the Graduates, By the Editor
Days Abroad, By Florence E. Dunn, M.A. '96
The Year Ahead in Athletics, By C. Harry Edwards, B.P.E.
Colby Night, By the Editor
The Class of 1876, By Albion W. Small, Ph.D., LL.D. '76
The Class of 1886, By Thomas J. Ramsdell, D.D. '86

Opening of Colby's Fitting Schools:
At Coburn, By Drew T. Harthorn, M.A. '94
At Hebron, By Ralph L. Hunt, M.A.
At Ricker, By Ernest C. Fuller, B.A. '17
At Higgins, By William A. Tracy, B.A. '14

Colby Men as Massachusetts' School Administrators, By the Editor
The Early Days of Baseball, By Reuben Wesley Dunn, M.A. '68
What the Members of 1925 Are Doing, By Edward H. Merrill , B.A. '25 and Doris L. Tozier, B.A. '25
A New Girls' School, By Robert E. Owen, B.A. '14
In Memoriam — By the Editor
The Entering Class, By Paul M. Edmunds '26



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