Colby College

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Change in the College Faculty
Sons and Daughter of Colby Graduates
Advertising Our Colleges
The Condon Medal
Restoration of Old Library
The Year Now Opening
The List of Givers
Leisure Hours
Your Subscription
Attitude of Graduates Toward Their College


The Second Century Endowment, By President Arthur J. Roberts, LL.D. '90
Reminiscences of Early College Days, By George Gifford, LL.D. '62
Life Sketches of Colby Men and Women, By Herbert C. Libby, Litt.D. '02
The Alumnae Building Fund, By Rose Adelle Gilpatrick, M.A. '92
A Letter from China, By Gordon E. Gates, B.A. '20
Contributors to Alumnae Building Fund, By the Promotion Committee
What Some Members of 1922 Are Doing, By the Editor
A Plea for the Bible in the School, By Edward E. Cates, M.A. '83
A Song and an Ode, By George P. Fall, Ph.B. '92
Hymn to Democracy, By Arthur B. Patten, M.A. '90
Akers' Milton Bust, By Joseph Coburn Smith '23
Changes in Phi Beta Kappa Rules, By the Secretary
Faculty Notes, By the Editor
Colby and Bowdoin in Football
Recent Marriage Among Colby Graduates
A Page of Compliment for the Alumnus
Daniel Pratt, G. A. T.
New Book by Former Professor Harry
Colby Alumnae Association Meetings
In Memoriam, By the Editor

On the Campus, By Students of the Class in Journalism:
Twelfth Night to be Given, By Anna C. Erickson '24
Through the Blue Triangle, By Genevieve M. Clark '24
Hugh Walpole Addresses Students, By Marjorie Sterling '25
Geographical Distribution of Students, By William B. Macallister '25
Colby Night, By Joseph Coburn Smith '24
The Proposed Alumnae Building, By Rosamond G. Cummings '25
The Football Season, By Wendell F. Grant '23
Miss Hess Visits Colby, By Ruth A. Allen '24
The Student Council, By Meyer Chafetz '24
The Colby Christian Association, By Ralph D. McLeary '24
The Women's Colby Day, By Avis M. Cox '23
Ages of Colby Men and Women, By Esther M. Holt '24
Debating at Colby, By Russell M. Squire '25
Religious Preferences of Students, By Earle S. Anderson '25

Among the Graduates, By the Editor



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