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Are College Professors "Overworked"?
Expansion of the Curriculum
The Debate Program
Colby and Winter Sports
The New Registrar
On the Staff of the American Magazine
Chicago's Latchstring's Out
Loyalty With Capitals
President and ex-President Alumnae Association
A Colby Man at Boston University
Colby at Dartmouth
The Head at Ricker
A Call for Next Commencement
A Few Colby Educators
A Maine Pastor
A Maine Newspaper Man
A Member of '75
Dean Colorado Medical Schoo
A Michigan Well-Wisher
A Friend of Colby


Early Days of the College, By Albert W. Paine, B.A. '32
The Largest High School in the World, By Paul A. Thompson, B.A. '18
November Meeting Board of Trustees, By Edwin C. Whittemore, D.D. '79, Secretary
Experiences in France, By Reginald H. Sturtevant, B.A. '21
The Colby Summer School, By Faculty, Trustees, and Citizens
The Christmas Givers, By Arthur J. Roberts, LL.D. '91, President
The Grave of Colby's First President, By Charles W. Spencer, Ph.D. '90
Important Announcement to Colby Women, By The Promotion Committee
The Second Century Fund, By Arthur J. Roberts, LL.D. '90, President
On the Study of English, The London Times
Examinations in the Civil Service Commission, By Everrett G. Holt, LL.B. '15

Colby Men in the Public Eye, By the Editor:
Jeremiah E. Burke, Litt.D. '90
Herbert M. Lord. LL.D. '84
Charles E. Gurney, B.A. '98
John E. Nelson, B.A. '98
Frank W. Alden, B.A. '98
Harrington Putnam, LL.D. '70

The Campaign of the Alumnae, By Rose Adelle Gilpatrick, M.A. '92
A Colby Woman in South India, Contributed
The Colby Spelling-Bee and Its Results, A Symposium
Waterville Rotary Club Backs the Debate Team, By the Editor
Colby Faculty and Students Pledge $8,703 to the College
Judge Philbrook Renders Important Service, By Charles E. Gurney, B.A. '98
Colby Graduates, Attention! By the Editor
Some Unsolicited Testimonials, By the Editor
With the College Faculty, By the Editor
Relay Team Competes at New York and Boston
Opportunity Farm, By William W. Mayo '79, Superintendent
In Memoriam, By the Editor
News-Notes of the Graduates, By the Editor



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