Colby College

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The Endowment Fund
A Colby Summer School
A Study of the Classics
The Mother Tongue
Debating at Colby
The Meeting of the Board of Trustees
The Golden Jubilee
Future Colby Commencements


A Message to Colby Alumni, By T. Raymond Pierce '98
Annual Meeting Board of Trustees, By Charles E. Owen, D.D. '79, Secretary
"Last Chapel" Address, By Herbert C. Libby, Litt.D. '02
Memorial Tributes to Colonel Shannon '62, By President Roberts and William P. Whitehouse, LL.D. '63
The Supreme Duty of the Alumnae, By Rose Adelle Gilpatrick, Ph.B. '92
Commencement Address: Aims of Education in a Democracy, By Franklin W. Johnson, L.H.D. '91
The Golden Jubilee, Contributed
Colby Women of Yesterday and Today, By Mary Low Carver, Litt.D. '75
Semi-Centennial Poem, By Louise Helen Coburn, Litt.D. '77
Annual Meeting Colby Alumnae Association, By Ruth W. Goodwin '15, Secretary
Commencement Dinner Address, By Louise Helen Coburn, Litt.D. '77
The Gifts of Alma Mater, By Fred M. Preble, D.D. '31
The Story of Commencement, By Eighty-Odd
The Colby Man and Business, By H.C. Bonney '07
Address of Senior Class Day Guest, By Rev. Robert A. Colpitts, A.M. '07
A Word About a Lost Graduate, By William Keely '64
Commencement at Hebron Academy
Hartford Seminary Honors Memory of James Perry '11
The Three "R's" and Higher Education
Salerno Needs Vacation Right Away (Poem), By Joseppo
Faculty Notes
In Memoriam: By the Editor



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