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Genetic Engineering: Panacea or Pandora's Box?
A relatively simple technology prompts complex questions about its applications.

"A Legacy of Good Will and Good Works"
Students and colleagues of Dean Ernest Marriner '13 recall his productive and giving nature.

BAR Instills Concept of Responsible Drinking
A campus committee enters the second phase of its alcohol education efforts.

Annual Giving Generates Flexible Resources with Immediate Impact
Alumni, parents, and other donors provide a key component of Colby's budget.

Beyond Personal Goals: Agents Invest Time and Creativity in Colby
The rewards of the class agent are many but often subtle in comparison to the agent's enormous responsibility.

Two Long-standing Faculty Members Retire
With a composite of 59 years of Colby teaching behind them, Paul E. Machemer and Robert L. Terry have added dimension to the College's evolution.

Kelly Dodge: A Solitary Man Cum Campus Leader
The senior class president has relinquished many personal pleasures in favor of team efforts.

New Coach to Drive Mules
Head football Coach Chris Raymond takes the reins with confidence and optimism.

Come gentle Spring!
A photographic essay captures the relaxed side of spring semester.


News from the Hill
Class Correspondence
Alumni Club News (inside back cover)



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