Honors Theses



Honors Theses from 2016


The Voluntourism Encounter: Affect, Discomfort, and Transformation in Yaxunah, Caroline Tegeler

Honors Theses from 2014


Borderline Depravity: The Impact of U.S. Immigration Policy on Human Smuggling at the Mexican Border, Chloe J. Gilroy

Honors Theses from 2013


When the Walls Talk: Political Graffiti at la Universidad Nacional in Bogotá, Colombia, Abbott Grey Matthews

Honors Theses from 2012


Return from Exile: The Untold Story of Pinochet-Era Exiles' Reintegration in Chile, Katy Wassam

Honors Theses from 2010


Migration, Food and Cultural Production Across Changing Afro-Ecuadorian Geographies, Amelia J. Swinton

Honors Theses from 2009


Gendering the Counterinsurgency: Violence Against Women During the Guatemalan Civil War, Sarah K. deLiefde

Honors Theses from 2008


In the Absence of Family: How Ideas of the Substitute Family in Honduran Children's Homes Shape Perception of the Needs of at-risk youth, Stephanie Bowman


The Penguins' Revolution: An Analysis of Student Response to the Multi-Dimensional Chilean Educational Crisis, Abigail Hall

Honors Theses from 2004

Education, vocational skills, and active participation as vehicles to empowerment: the impact of non-governmental organizations on street children in La Paz, Bolivia, Melissa Rosales

Honors Theses from 2003


Defining microcredit success in Bolivia, Kelly Miller