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Brian Sweeney, Colby College

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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. African Studies Program


Jason Opal

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Robert Weisbrot


There are a number of questions that immediately spring to mind. First, why did the revolutions occur in these countries and not in others that were similar? Following from that, what makes the non-revolutionary countries different? In what ways were the revolutionary countries similar? What then are the underlying causes of revolution? I chose to study three recent revolutions that are both related yet dissimilar. Iran and Nicaragua are related in that they were under the influence of the United States during the same time period and so encountered equivalent external influences during the immediate pre-revolutionary period. Cuba had the same smothering presence of the United States, but the "lesson of Cuba" had yet to be learned, so external reactions were different; the revolution was allowed to topple Batista. When looked at from this perspective, another question arises. Were the revolutions simply a reaction to United States neo-imperialism?


African Americans, Association for the Care of Coloured Orphans (Cheyney, Pa.) , History

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