Senior Scholar Papers



Senior Scholars Papers from 2000

Ground-Truthing Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner Images, Adam J. Schwartz

Interpretation of Thermal Infrared Multispectral (TIMS) images using six-channel emissivities, Taylor Tribble

Senior Scholars Papers from 1992


Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Three Subfossil Coleopteran Faunas from the Toklat River Drainage, Central Alaska, Lisa L. Churchill

Paleofloristic Trends in Devonshire Marsh, Bermuda, Theodore N. vonWallmenich

Senior Scholars Papers from 1991


Pollen analysis of the Sepphoris archaeological site, Beit Natofa Valley, Lower Galilee, Israel, Tristram Hussey

Senior Scholars Papers from 1990


Paleoenvironmental analysis of a late-holocene subfossil Coleopteran fauna from Starks, Maine, Heather A. Hall