Featured Publications

CLAS: Colby Liberal Arts Symposium

The Colby Liberal Arts Symposium (CLAS) is a celebration of student scholarship. Once a year the Colby community comes together to recognize and celebrate students’ many forms of scholarly engagement.

Students share their research and creative scholarship in posters, presentations, and other projects. They also participate in musical performances, a speech contest sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa, and other expressions of intellectual engagement.

For years prior to 2014 see the Undergraduate Research Symposium collection.

Colby Quarterly

Colby Quarterly was a journal of analysis of and commentary upon subjects in the humanities with special interest in regional studies of Maine, New England and Canadian history as well as literature.

Franco American Music (Maine's Musical Soundscapes: Ethnography of Maine)

The students of Colby Professor Natasha Zelensky's Maine's Musical Soundscapes: The Ethnography of Maine learn ethnographic field methods and conduct interviews at sites that make up the rich tapestry of Maine’s soundscape. This collection gathers video projects about Maine's French-Canadian / Franco American community.

Honors Theses (Student Research)

The Honors Thesis is a research project for which eligible students apply during their junior year and complete in their senior year. Colby departments and programs that have an honors program establish the requirements for the project and its final format. Each student, upon completion of the thesis, is asked to archive his or her project in Digital Commons so that it may be made available to the Colby community and to the world at large.

All theses in this collection are available for review and research purposes at no cost. This open access policy in no way diminishes the copyright responsibility of those viewing or downloading the documents. The authors of these documents retain the copyright to the intellectual property these works represent in their current form.

Journal of Environmental and Resource Economics at Colby

An undergraduate research journal publishing articles in environmental and resource economics authored and peer reviewed by undergraduate students.

See the About This Journal Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.