Honors Theses from 2015


A Constellation of Caring: The Dynamic and Fluctuating Nature of Pediatric Cancer Care, Anne Friedrich

Honors Theses from 2013


Remapping Nature: Motherhood, Autonomy, and Anti-Mining Activism in Íntag, Ecuador, Ellicott K. Dandy


Uphams Corner and "Other" Spaces: Racialized Youth Identities in Boston's Cape Verdean Community, Jessica F. Pires


Finite to Fail, Infinite to Venture: Interactivism and Relational Ethics, Rachel A. Rosenbaum

Honors Theses from 2011


Summer Camp As A Rite Of Passage: An Explication Of Camp As A Transformative Experience, Deborah J. Merzbach

Honors Theses from 2009


Re-Imagined Communities: Global Climbing on Local Mountains, Eitan Green

Honors Theses from 2008


Language of Sex: Moral Socialization and Reproductive Education in Public Schools, Melyn Heckelman

Honors Theses from 2007


Photojournalistic Manipulations of Reality: The Power Over Knowledge, Valerie Friedman


World Bank -CPA conflict: the Struggle to Define Human Rights and Development in the Philippines, Adam B. Robbins

Honors Theses from 2004


Power, positionality, and conceptions of stewardship and ownership in the cleanup of Nomans Land Island, Massachusetts, Michael Greenberg

Alternative Sites of Identity Production: Going from Borderland to Homeland in a Transnational Setting, Adam Saltsman

How Natural History Museums Fell From Grace, And Why They Shouldn't Have Or, Defending Museuns During the Age of Hypersensitivity, Vanessa L. Verri

Honors Theses from 2003


From Maine Farms to Maine Colleges: The Symbolism and Reality behind the Local Purchasing Efforts at Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin, Kathryn L. Spirer

Honors Theses from 2002


Medicine men of the anti-progressive party : sacred sites, public lands, and the construction of religious liberty, Jacob Culbertson


Ecuador's indigenous university movement, UINPI: reconstructing identity in the search for equality, Joshua Gerber

Honors Theses from 2001

No holding back now: the Americanization of Caribbean women's identities, Mieko R. McKay

Migrants, butterflies and storytellers: expression and containment in the spaces of Mexican transnationalism, Eugenie Montague

Honors Theses from 2000


Confronting Domination While Confronting Domination: A Look at the Bureaucratization of an Activist Group and the "Contradictory Character of Social Movements, Brendon M. Smith

Honors Theses from 1999

Tree hugging revived: the environment, development politics, and religious social protest in Thailand, Jane Hajeck

Veil of charity: imagery and power dynamics in the United States Peace Corps, Laura Neale


Exploration of immigration, industrialization & ethnicity in Waterville, Maine, Amy E. Rowe

Locating Shangri-La in a Colonial Past: Himalayan History, Travel, Development and Myth-Making, Joshua Waldman