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Sharon Gear, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. Sociology Dept.


Birge, Kingsley H


This particular Senior Scholar project was undertaken to connect Urban Sociology and Small Group sociology. The approach was to examine small groups engaged in Urban Renewal projects. The first step was the selection of cities to be considered from recognized studies in Sociology. The cities were placed on a continuum of citizen participation from information gathered in reply to letters sent out to them. Next a great deal of research was done on small groups, their functioning principles and their importance to the individual and society. The principle was accepted that if small group material and emotional benefits could be passed on to people living in urban areas, these people would have better control over their lives and the future of their community, and perhaps the destiny of their country. To substantiate this a statistical correlation was made between the continuum of citizen participaion and indices as that would indicate a well organised city such as crime rates and moral integration. The correlation was positive.


Small groups -- Research, Urban renewal, Social control

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