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Kenneth Federman, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. Sociology Dept.


James M. Gillespie


In the following paper an attempt has been made to delineate and analyze a field of psychology which has commonly been referred to as "New Look" Perception. The primary concern of the majority of investigators in this area has been to support their hypotheses about cause and effect relationships between motivation and perception. Therefore the most important task of this paper is to determine how well these individuals have succeeded in their endeavor. The technique used here might be thought of as "crystallzation through example". In other words, many of the experiments carried out in this field are put forth in the hope that some ideas concerning the theories, problems, and accomplishments which comprise "New Look" Psychology may begin to crystallize in the reader's mind. As a preface to these various experiments a brief historical summary of the events leading up to the formulation of the field as a whole, has been outlined. This historical background includes the contributions of the structuralists with their emphasis. on conscious elements, the work of Freud and the Hormic psychologists who first developed, the importance of the unconscious and the motives which comprise it, as well as the theories of the Gestaltists in general, and Kurt Lewin in particular.



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