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Jane Eklund, Colby College

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Senior Scholars Paper (Open Access)


Colby College. English Dept.


Ira Sadoff

Second Advisor

William B. Miller


Through the course of the year, I have been writing and revising poetry with a concern for the growth of my work. To that end, I took advantage of the time afforded me by the Senior Scholars Program not only to devote myself to writing, but to reading the poems of American, European and South American poets from the point of view of craft. Poets whose work has been important and influential in my writing this year include Pablo Neruda, Yannis Ritsos, Francis Jamroes, Charles Simic, Larry Levis and Pamela Stewart. The poems in my collection, "Painting in Half-Light" and Other Poems, deal with a variety of issues. Among them are childhood and family poems, personna poems, and poems dealing with more social and political concerns.


College verse, American Maine Waterville, Poems