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Elizabeth Ann Frazer

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Senior Scholars Paper (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. German and Russian Dept.


O. Schmidt

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Philip S. Bither


Heonrocj Boll also appeals to the youth of Germany of today. Through his works he is attempting to help the younger generation help itself to gain back for Germany the solidarity -- the compassionate understanding between men -- which has been lost to the adult generation through the monstrosities of World War II. Although the German man committed many wrongs during the war, he has outwardly put aside his guilt which inwardly he feels. Boll feels that until the German man is able to reach a zero point, where he is able to admit his errors and accept his guilt, he cannot progress. Rather, he will continue to exist within such a hypocritical environment as the one, which Boll, feels, permeates Germany today. To improve his life, the German man must improve his spiritual and ethical values -- most important -- he must have the will to improve these values.


Post-war Germany, German Man


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