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Colby College. Art Dept.




In my Senior Scholar project I manipulated simple geometric shapes in an attempt to construct organic forms using transparent planes, created areas, and implied volumes. The sculpture, which was influenced by my interest in the Renaissance, Russian Constructivism, and the Minimalists, can best be divided into five series; each series is identified by a physical and a conceptual change of ideas. The first series focused on the conceptual ideas of each piece and expressed a lack of concern for the physical properties of the objects. The work progressed during the project; the focus of other series shifted from a purely conceptual approach to acknowledge the importance of physical form and the relationship each piece has with its environment and to the viewer. This shift in conceptual ideas affected the choice of scale and material for each series. The forms that were most successful were large scale pieces with interesting points of contact with the natural environment; they related most to the viewers. The creative process utilized throughout the work relies on exploring many possible ideas through physical models and drawings. Models allow the artist to observe the work from an outside viewer's perspective, and simultaneously work with conceptual ideas and physical relationships. believe the sculptures created during this project succeed at balancing the ideas of object and concept by incorporating conceptual ideas with physical relationships.


Sculpture, Modern -- 20th century, Sculpture, Abstract

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