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John Perey, Colby College

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I have chosen to follow the more comprehensive aspects of Yeats' poetic development, namely, changes of general intent or purpose in writing and changes in method of evoking a response from the reader. Biographical material has been included only when it is requisite to explain the development of Yeats as a poet. Because of this limitation, I have omitted from discussions specific personal sources for individual poems, except where mention of these sources could help to make a point clear. Since it is my desire to follow the broad changes in Yeats' poetry, I have structured the chapters in this commentary accordingly. Each chapter is devoted to a period of writing which seems to be unified by a single general intent or method. Within each chapter I have tried to show how Yeats succeeded in his intents and methods, and how one period in the poet's development naturally evolved into, and was the basis for the next.


Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), -- 1865-1939 -- Criticism and interpretation


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