In September 2011 the Edwin Arlington Robinson Room in Colby College's Miller Library was newly outfitted for museum quality archival exhibits. The first exhibit mounted by Special Collections featured materials from the Bern Porter collection.

From the official announcement of 23 September 2011:

Bern Porter (1911-2004) graduated from Colby in 1932.The exhibit documents Porter's early influences and aptitude, his first professional interests in physics and art, employment as a physicist in the Manhattan Project and departure from the Project after the bombing of Hiroshima, post-war scrutiny by federal agencies and avant-garde artistic and literary activities that continued for the rest of his life.


Browse the Exhibits Collections:

1. Early Influences and Aptitude (1910s-1920s)

2. Colby, Art and Physics (1920s-1940s)

3. Wartime / Manhattan Project (1941-1945)

4. Post-War / I've Left (1945-1960s)

5. Scrutiny / Arrest (1950s-1960s)

6. The Institute of Advanced Thinking (1960-2004)