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Table of Contents:

Untitled (photograph) by Anne Vetter: cover
Lalita swallows the moon (poem) by Maya Ramakrishnan: 3
On Allentown (poem) by Victoria Cheff: 4
Untitled (photograph) by Esther Mathieu: 5
For My Brother (poem) by Drew Boulos: 6
The House I Live In (prose) by Kyle Laurita-Bonom etti: 7-8
Untitled (painting) by Hannah Macquarrie: 9
How to Be Brazen (poem) by Emma Brown: 10 Farmhouses in Aroostook (poem) by Jake Bleich: 11 The Tempest (photograph) by Victoria Cheff: 12
And These Are the Days My Friends (prose) by Alex Sarappo: 13-20
Untitled (photograph) by Anne Vetter: 21
Car Crash, 10:52 P M : Conversations with Death (poem) by Jess Greenwald: 22
Pre-depature (poem) by Esther Mathieu: 23
Untitled (print) by Rachel Bird: 24
Shortbread Cookies (prose) by Laura Jensen: 25-26
My Father Lives on Floor Five (poem) by Blake McCartney: 27
Untitled (painting) by Hannah M acquarrie: 28
Untitled 1 (drawing) by Terry O'Connor: 29
Untitled 2 (painting) by Terry O'Connor: 30
State of Mind (poem) by Hannah Macquarrie: 31
In a hotel in Java, a spirit visits my friend while across the hall a woman fucks me (poem) by Anne Vetter: 32
Torrey's Twisted Trees (photograph) by Eileen Hopf: 33
Lake Charles, 1959 (poem) by Ben Sem mes: 34 Babushka (prose) by Victoria Cheff: 35-38
Untitled (photograph) by Casey Coulter: 39
A Personal Appeal (poem) by Harrison Zhu: 40
these are the cateogires (a gradient illuminates) (poem) by Chloe Geffken: 41
Untitled (photograph) by Esther Mathieu: 42
on my way to the clinic (poem) by Maya Ramakrishnan: 43
This Was Never a Love Poem (poem) by Hannah Macquarrie: 44
Untitled (painting) by Taylor Schlichting: 45 overreacting I talking to myself I I' m always talking to myself (poem) by Danny Kossow: 46
Portrait of My Father (poem) by Emma Brown: 47 Untitled (photograph) by Kylie Walters: 48
For My Little Sister (poem) by Hannah Schafer: 49 Poem (poem) by Harris Hayman: 50
The Rose Cookers (poem) by Tyler Starks: 51-52
Madi, I-- (poem) by Anne Vetter: 53
Untitled (photograph) by Eileen Hopf: 54
Untitled (photograph) by Kylie Walters: 55
On Closure (poem) by Drew Boulos: 56


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Spring 2016


Colby College


Waterville, Maine, United States



Pequod (Spring 2016)



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