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Table of Contents

Untitled (drawing) by Ester Topolarvoa: cover
Instantiation (poem) by Esther Mathieu: 4
Untitled (painting) by Terry O'Connor: 5
This is How You Blend In (prose) by Simone Leung: 6
Love Letter (poem) by Harris Hayman: 7
Untitled (photograph) by Erin Lu: 8
The City and the Night (prose) by Shona Bell McCarthy: 9
Grenade (poem) by Jess Greenwald: 10
Untitled (painting) by Karunya Nathan: 11
Untitled {print) by Taylor Schlichting: 12
Interiors (prose) by Alex Sarappo: 13-19
Dysphoria (poem) by Emma Brown: 20
Untitled (painting) by Hannah Macquarrie: 21
Untitled (photograph) by Esther Mathieu: 22
Raspberries (poem) by Michaela Morris: 23
Tinder Cento Sonnet (poem) by Maya Ramakrishnan: 24
Untitled (block print) by Kelly McCarthy: 25
In and Out (prose) by Katie Monteleone: 26-27
The Living Room (poem) by Drew Boulos: 28
Untitled (painting) by Karunya Nathan: 29
Untitled (photograph) by Esther Mathieu: 30
Maiden Name (poem) by Drew Boulos: 31
Help Me, Maybe (poem) by Hannah Macquarrie: 32-33
Backyard Orchestra (prose) by Victoria Cheff: 34-38
Untitled (drawing) by Ester Topolarova: 39
Hallucinations of Fatherhood (poem) by Harris Hayman: 40
Cloudy (etching) by Cole Stevens: 41
Night Drive (poem) by Chloe Geffken: 42
Untitled (photograph) by Erin Lu: 43
When They Told Me I Was Going to Die (poem) by Esther Mathieu: 44
Spiders (prose) by Cleo Aukland: 45
Untitled (print) by Taylor Schlichting: 46
Nineteen with You in the Buffalo Plains State (poem) by Tyler Starks: 47
For the days we thought she was gone (poem) by Emma Brown: 48
Untitled (painting) by Taylor Schlichting: 49
Untitled (painting) by Hannah Macquarrie: 50
Heard It (prose) by Anonymous: 51-53
At Sixteen, The Inside of My Wrist (poem) by Anne Vetter: 54
Moonlight Birches (aquatint) by Cole Stevens: 55
If I keep telling myself, I might believe (poem) by Hannah Macquarrie: 56
Cowgirl (prose) by Nora Mabie: 57
Untitled (painting) by Karunya Nathan: 58
Humpback Love Song (poem) by Tyler Starks: 59


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Fall 2015


Colby College


Waterville, Maine, United States



Pequod (Fall 2015)



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