This paper examines the effectiveness of the Colby College electricity reduction competition in altering students’ behavior to conserve electricity. The Colby College electricity reduction competition is an information-based policy that Colby implemented to promote the conservation of electricity, which are a major contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States. The study analyzes if different residence halls reduce electricity consumption by different amounts during the competition period. Results indicate that only 4 of 22 residence halls reduced electricity usage during competition periods in a statistically significant manner. The study concludes that the electricity competition at Colby College is not altering student behavior on a large scale. The study recommends more frequent and public information comparing residence halls to each other during competition periods in hopes of altering student behavior to conserve electricity. The study also recommends that Colby develops a public, real-time, web-based feedback system that monitors electricity across all residence halls at all times of the year.



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