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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Theater and Dance Dept.


Ann Marie Kloppenberg

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Todd Coulter


This essay aims to illuminate and champion concert dance through an investigation into a sliver of American postmodern dance, which I term post-Judson dance, in an attempt to better understand, define, and assert dance in academe, art, and culture. This thesis examines the use and benefits of collaboration in today’s dance devising processes and the influences that constructed collaboration as a choreographic working method. Through historical, theoretical, contemporary, and practice-based evidence, this essay argues that through choreographer and performer participation, leading to the transformation of content, style, structure, and discovery, choreographers harvest an expansive collection of information that they use to make the most fully explored, articulate, and compelling creative work. Ultimately, I argue that today's choreographers are curators.


dance, collaboration, curation, post-Judson

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