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Marybeth Thomson, Colby College

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Honors Thesis (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. Global Studies Program




Neoliberal economic policies have shaped the development process in Chile for more than two decades. having a significant impact, both positive and negative, on women's social and economic status. Economic restructuring has generated the conditions for women to expand their participation in economic activity, affording women the opportunity to transform their socioeconomic role. At the same time, however, the structure of the new economic system has threatened to preserve and institutionalize the traditional subordinate status of women as they enter a labor market imbued with gender bias and discrimination. The experiment in neoliberal economics has proven to be the root of the most dramatic transformations in the lives of women during this period. However, as a development strategy, the neoliberal model is limited in terns of addressing structural and cultural inequalities lhat work to the disadvantage of women.


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Chile, neoliberal economic policies, Latin America, development