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Kevin Peter Rice, Colby College

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Honors Thesis (Colby Access Only)


Colby College. Chemistry Dept.


Bradford P. Mundy


Ever since the human race found itself with the ability to generate and analyze molecules, we have been runner-up in an ongoing race against Mother Nature. With the concept of discovery as their call to arms, chemists have been doing their best to imitate and improve upon nature. With the vast majority of all pharmaceuticals originating from natural product discovery, nature has proved itself to be a -far more inventive chemist. In spite of this, humans continue to persevere. In elucidating the structure and function of such natural products as nucleic acids and proteins, scientists have learned much not only in synthetic chemistry but also in biology and medicine. In the isolation of natural products such as penicillin and insulin, we have been able to develop remedies for human ailments. The scope of activity of compounds that appear in nature is seemingly limitless. Researchers have found compounds that fight AIDS, repel insects, and flavor our food. Natural product research has led us to a better understanding of the natural world, a greater insight into the processes of organisms, and often development of unique synthetic procedures.


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Iron chelates, Natural products -- Synthesis, Organic compounds -- Synthesis