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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Economics Dept.


Michael R. Donihue

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Henry A. Gemery


This paper accounts the development of an area deprivation index for two New England states, Connecticut and Maine. The index incorporates data from the 1990 U.S. Census. By applying methodology used in previous projects that created similar indices for area in Britain, an area deprivation index is created at the 5-digit zip code level for these two states in the year 1990. This project provides an example of how such a study can be applied to and completed in the United States. Foremost, it is an attempt to evaluate the relative merits of examining a comprehensive measure of area deprivation, as well as examine the interrelationships between fields of deprivation, within the chosen areas. Utilizing geographic mapping software the index is incorporated into an interactive and accessible geographic information system, with which the distribution of deprivation within these two states in 1990 is examined and documented.


Income distribution -- United States, Poverty -- Maine, Poverty -- Connecticut, Demography -- United States

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