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Honors Thesis (Open Access)


Colby College. Chemistry Dept.


D. Whitney King

Second Advisor

Thomas W. Shattuck

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Frank A. Fekete


The quantum yields for iron (lII) photoreduction in sodium chloride and sodium perchlorate media were measured as a function of wavelength. The experiments were conducted using natural levels of total iron, less than 300 nM. The results indicate that three species are photochemically active in these media, Fe(OH)+2, FeCl2+and FeCl2+. The quantum yields for (OH)+2 are 0.22 at 300 run and 0.076 at 340 nm. The quantum yields for FeCl+ are 0.048 at 300 run and 0.038 at 340 nm. The quantum yields for FeCl2+ are 0.088 at 300 nm and 0.051 at 340 nm. The data presented suggests that FeOH+2 is most easily photoreduced at a wavelength of 300 nm. Secondly, in environments with high chloride concentrations the presence of FeCl2+ and Fe(Cl2)+ species will result in an enhanced photoreduction rates due to a shift in action spectra to longer wavelengths around 340 nm. This data set provides the basis for a chemical model for inorganic iron photochemistry in natural waters defined as a function of pH. irradiation, wavelength, intensity, and salinity (chlorinity).


Iron, Chlorides

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