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From the Hill


Spoken Like an Artist: Colby's summer exhibition, The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture: 60 Years, pairs artists' work with the lectures they delivered at the prestigious school

Old Wounds: Europe and Africa roiled by Raffael Scheck's revelations of racial crimes against black soldiers in World War II

Q&A: Chuck Jones on maintaining the remarkable tools of the science trade

Fast Company: Competitive Cycling Club emerges as a national contender

Selling Girls Short: Lyn Mikel Brown examines how commercial and cultural pressures relegate girls to submission and the sidelines (Review)

Recent Releases

Ring Cycle: Finishing Skills (Review)

Inman Writes from Experience

Striking Images: Glass Plates & Wooden Boats: The Yachting Photography of Willard B. Jackson at Marblehead, 1898-1937 (Review)


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