The Election, by G. Calvin Mackenzie, Goldfarb Family Distinguished Professor of American Government

The Great Divide, by L. Sandy Maisel, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Government

The Direction of Foreign Policy, by Kenneth Rodman, William R. Cotter Distinguished Teaching Professor of Government

Historic Parallels, by Robert Weisbrot, Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Teaching Professor of History

Inside View, by Amy Walter '91, House Editor, The Cook Political Report

Clinton Consequences, by Stuart Rothenberg '73, Editor, The Rothenberg Political Report

The Supreme Court, by Joseph Reisert, Harriet S. Wiswell and George C. Wiswell Jr. Associate Professor of American Constitutional Law

A Global Economy, by Patrice Franko, Grossman Professor of Economics

Environmental Direction, by Thomas Tietenberg, Mitchell Family Professor of Economics

A Natural Gap, by Liliana Botcheva-Andonova, Assistant Professor of Government and Environmental Studies


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