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From the Hill



On Campus: Terror's Other Casualty: Civil liberties threatened by Bush's security measures, journalists say; Pearl Lauded for Uncompromising Conviction; Wit & Wisdom; Colby Protestors Join Anti-War Ranks; Muehlner Leaves Miller Much-Changed; Colby: Love It and Leave It; Iphigeneia's Truth: Revisiting classical themes as war looms, by William D. Adams

Faculty: Morality Play: For Cheshire Calhoun, philosophy is the right call; Q&A: André Siamundele on snow, French and King Leopold’s Ghost

Students: Refuge or Regression? College Affairs Committee considers multicultural housing as debate continues

Media: Less is More: Mackenzie concludes ethics laws may do as much harm as good (Review); One Good Record Deserves Another; Recent Releases

Sports: Practicing by the Book: NESCAC presidents issue rules reminder on out-of-season practices; Stepka Racks Up Yards, Records; Smith C Club Person of the Year; Sports Shorts; Bonner Named Field Hockey All-America

Alumni: Brewing Up a Storm: Colby alumni use teamwork as a formula for business success


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