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From the Hill



On Campus: A Children's Crusade: Ushari Mahmud, the 2002 Oak Human Rights Fellow, works for victims of slavery, incarceration and child soldiering; Daniel Pearl Receives Posthumous Lovejoy Award; Governor Recognizes Colby's Environmental Effort; Rosenfeld Hopes to Collect New Audience for Museum of Art; Colby Scientists Plumb the Depths and Chemistry of Belgrade Lakes; Grave Matters; A Civil Community; There's a New Mule in Town; Faculty Research Reaps Rewards

Sports: All the Marbles: Ski coach Tracey Cote excels in the rarified world of extreme sports

Students: Cancer Clues: Traci Speed '03 looks to unravel chemical puzzles that may defeat the disease; The Book on the Class of '06

Media: A Path Less Traveled: First-year reading reveals how diverse backgrounds color college; Greenlaw Chronicles Life, Not Lobsters (Review); Recent Releases

Faculty: His Gift Was Language: A century ago John Hedman brought romance to languages at Colby; New to the Hill; Q&A: Terry Arendell on gender, family and "men who hang in"

Alumni: Passing the Screen Test: Waterville festival's reputation grows as luminaries come calling; Another Record Year for Alumni Contributions; Future Takes Shape with Plans for Alumni Center; Landscape Architects Visualize "The Colby Green"


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