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Profiles in Giving


It's hardly news that Colbians leave Mayflower Hill and go on to do important things for their communities, for their countries, for humanity. But the breadth of their contributions, from making a small town a better place to shaping international policy, is easy to take for granted.

On the following pages are representatives of many, many more alumni who see it as their responsibility to give back in some way. Physicians who donate their time all over the world, actors who use the stage to remind us of social ills, clergy who give hope where there otherwise would be very little, teachers who find inspiration in the progress of a single child.

None of these subjects here sought this attention. In fact, they probably would have deferred to others, given the chance. But they didn't get that chance and their stories are here to show what can be accomplished by any of us with commitment, hard work and no small amount of selflessness.


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