It was a sunny afternoon in January and, like a bus driver making a stop, Nick Snyder '05 pulled his Blazer up in front of Foss Hall. Snyder picked up Shawn Sato '05 and then drove downtown to the Albert S. Hall School, where, in the library, fifth graders were waiting.

Within minutes, Snyder, Sato and several other Colby mentors taking part in the Colby Cares About Kids program were talking about Play Station games, movies like Dumb and Dumber, the perils of having younger siblings. Snyder's friend Roy, who is 11, showed him his class picture. "There you are," Snyder said, peering at the tiny photo as Roy watched expectantly for his reaction. "Before you got your haircut."

It's a scene repeated at schools throughout greater Waterville as more than 160 Colby students fan out every week to play chess, tetherball, freeze tag, to listen as a kid reads aloud or just talk. The program got underway in September and by all accounts has been an overwhelming success. And it could have been much bigger, with enthusiasm at the College and in the community outstripped only by the limits of the 12-hour days of administrator Teresa Hawko '01. "I have more and more kids coming up to me and saying they want a Colby friend," said Moira Bentzel, a guidance counselor at the Hall School.


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