On November 12, the day of the Lovejoy convocation, Ellen Goodman filed her second column of the week before driving north to Waterville from Boston, where she is a columnist and associate editor at The Boston Globe. Despite her deadline, with more than 425 newspapers holding a hole for 750 words of her trademark wit and insight, and her immersion in a book project on women's friendships, Goodman arrived early- another trademark. Anna Karavangelos, her editor at the Washington Post Writers Group, says that in the more than 20 years that she has been in syndication, Goodman has never missed a deadline, usually delivers a day early and writes ahead to cover vacation weeks. Although anyone who has had to meet regular deadlines might be tempted to call that kind of record annoying (the story you are reading was a week late), it is as much professionalism as it is a commitment to individuals who depend on her- to personal relationships.


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