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Terry Winters: Prints: 1999-2014, by Elizabeth Finch (Colby College Museum of Art) and Michael Semff

French Colonial Soldiers in German Captivity during World War II, by Raffael Scheck (History)

Photography, History, Difference, by Tanya Sheehan (Art)

Photography and Its Origins, edited by Tanya Sheehan (Art) and Andrés Mario Zervigón

Marine Historical Ecology in Conservation, by Loren McClenachan (Environmental Studies)

Montaigne, écrivain de la conciliation, by Valérie M. Dionne (French)

Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy), by Erika Mailman '91

Lean on Jesus: Christian Women in the Workplace, by Susie Yovic Hoeller '73

Find Your Voice: A Woman's Call to Action, by Tabby Biddle '92

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