Not long after the Board of Trustees named David A. Greene Colby's 20th president, in September 2013, word spread that Greene wanted to increase the number of applicants- by a lot. Doubling applications, which he suggested, would be a dramatic shift for a college that typically sees single-digit growth in applications.

The University of Chicago, where Greene recently served as executive vice president, has tripled its number of applicants since Greene's (and President Robert Zimmer's) arrival in 2006, resulting in a more diverse student body by key measures- socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and geographic. It has also soared in the rankings, from 15 to number five in U.S. News & World Report (under only Princeton, Harvard, Yale, and Columbia), created three major institutes, and opened two academic centers in Asia. Could growth like this be possible for Colby with this new president at the helm? By all accounts, yes.

Greene's record shows that he doesn't just talk big. He does big.


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