The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams, by Ben Bradlee Jr. '70

The Hotel on Place Vendome, by Tilar Mazzeo (English)

The Long Struggle Against Malaria in Tropical Africa, by James L.A. Webb Jr. (History)

Freeing the Hook, by Peter Harris (English)

The L Word, by Margaret McFadden (American Studies)

The Conquest of the Russian Arctic, by Paul R. Josephson (History)

Fort Halifax: Winslow's Historic Outpost, by Daniel Tortora (History)

More Dam Trouble, by Earl H. Smith (College historian)

Parallel Universe, by Arthur Levering '76

Graduate to a Great Job, by David DeLong '73

Travis J. Carter (Psychology)

Jennifer Coane (Psychology) and Chelsea Stillman '10

Timothy P. Hubbard (Economics)

Karen E. Macke (Sociology)

Erin S. Sheets (Psychology) and Morganne Kraines '11

Christopher J. Soto (Psychology)

Loren E. McClenachan (Environmental Studies) and Taylor Witkin '14

Larissa Juliet Taylor (History)

Judy L. Stone (Biology), Jennifer Hale '13, and Emily VanWyk '11

Catherine R. Bevier (Biology) and Sarah Flanagan '11

L. Sandy Maisel (Government)

James Rodger Fleming (Science, Technology, and Society)

Marilyn R. Pukkila (Libraries)

Tanya R. Sheehan (Art)

Todd James Coulter (Theater and Dance)


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