Hats off to CAPS: “extraordinary” Sciences program gives students from underrepresented groups the tools to succeed

What Birds Tell Us: By playing the songs of chickadees, Katerina Faust ’14 may reveal forest secrets

Exploring Common Ground: Jorge Olivares and writer Reinaldo Arenas found parallels in their pasts and presents

Another Century, in Real Time: Doris Kearns Goodwin ’64 explores a time when unlikely reformers fought the good fight—and won

Slavery Played a Key Role in the War—of 1812

The Adventures of a Regular Colby Guy, at Home and at War

Recent Releases:
On Goddesses, Aliens, and Avatars: Waterfall, Alpha Goddess, The Almost Girl, by Amalie Gosine Howard '97
The Little Rippers, by Rebecca Munsterer ’01
Silhouette: The Bohemian Quartet (CD), by Stan Renard
Wicked Hard, by David Surette ’79
Style Bible: What to Wear to Work, by Lauren A. Rothman ’99
Extraordinary Jane, by Hannah Smith Harrison ’01


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