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From the Hill


Bridge Builder: Rabbi Rachel Isaacs links Colby and Waterville, turning two Jewish communities into one

Stroke by Stroke: Rower Steve Whelpley set out to become one of the world's best - and succeeded

From Hardship, Resilience: Anthropologist Winifred Tate considers the ways Colombian women work and survive in a place steeped in conflict

Off Target: NYPD surveillance scrutinized the law abiding, missed real terrorists

Recent Releases:
The Kingdom of Golf in America, by Richard J. "Pete" Moss (history emeritus)
Midnight in Mexico: A Reporter’s Journey through a Country’s Descent into Darkness, by Alfredo Corchado, LL.D. '10
Self-Storage, by Rebecca Hoogs '97
Acoustronika (CD), by Lawrence Collins '89


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