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Q&A: Personal loss leads to role as leading advocate of nonviolence in South Africa

Business-Ready: Entrepreneurial Alliance has students flocking to the drawing board

A Hand Up: Alumni consultants organize to give small businesses a boost

Child's Play: Shelley Wollert wants kids to clamor for Elska, a musical, magical friend

Poems that Explore "A World of Haunting Absences"

A History of Putting a Spin on Vigilante Justice

Old Glories

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Gardner Colby's Remarkable Mom

Joining the Club: Ex-refugees, Somali boys have big impact on elite soccer team

Hard Hitter: In the chemistry lab and on the field, John Gilboy Is "a no-quit kind of guy"

Ravens assistant GM DeCosta Prepares for Future Role

Scouting the NFL

D-I Vet MacDonald Takes Over Men's Hockey


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