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Maine's High Peaks region, in the west-central mountains of Maine, provides extensive recreational opportunities. However, trailheads in the High Peaks region of Maine are scattered across both public and private land on a road network with varying levels of maintenance. These factors, in combination with long drive times and unplowed roads often keep potential visitors away from hiking centers (Clawson and Knetsch, 2011). The objective of this study is to analyze the region’s accessibility via road. Specifically, I wanted to know which trailheads were publicly owned and accessible in winter as well as how much driving time is required to reach the trailheads.

About the Author

Soren Denlinger is a member of Colby College's Class of 2020, with majors in Environmental Computation and Geoscience

Source Data Note

Maine Office of GIS

- roads

- census block group polygons

Social Explorer

- population data

Maine Trail Finder

- trailheads


- aerial imagery


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