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This map shows the distribution of cell phone towers across the state of Maine, as well the service areas that they serve. This map was created using an elevation map as a base map. On top of this map is a hillshade file that accentuates the perception of height in the mountains. On top of these layers are vector files showing the location of each cell phone tower in Maine, along with the corresponding service area. I found this map to be particularly interesting because it is able to show population density in an indirect way. Additionally, it highlights how difficult it is to have cell phone coverage in the mountainous central and western parts of the state. This map is projected in NAD1983 UTM Zone 19N.

About the Author

Brian Levenson is a member of the Colby College Class of 2018. This map was created as part of an introductory Geographic Introduction System (GIS) class.

Source Data Note

Sources of Data

1. Maine Office of GIS

Cellphone Tower Layer- 1998

Cellphone Service Area Layer- 1999*

*The Maine Office of GIS warns that this particular layer is not extremely accurate and warns against using this layer for engineering or scientific purposes

2. Colby Standard Dataset


Maine Elevation

Canada Shoreline

US Shoreline


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